General FAQs

What's the uptime guarantee of your servers?

We offer upto 99.99% uptime guarantee for both our UK & US data centers.

How my payment will be verified?

As soon as you place the order, you will receive an invoice link in the email and a link of the customer panel where you can view your invoice generated. You then have to pay against your invoices using any payment method you like, and fill the deposit confirmation form. Filling this form is necessary, otherwise we won't be able to cross check the paid invoices against the amounts we receive. Once filled, you might have to wait 15-30 mins for order confirmation emails.

What payment options do I have?

There are multiple options. Check this page for details.

How to know which hosting package is suitable for my needs?

Well, to find this out, you have to hit the live chat button and talk to our representative.

What if I want to upgrade my hosting package?

You can do this any time you wish. Your account, website, files, everything will be saved and we will simply upgrade the account. You will have to pay the difference of the amount of the package you are on and the package you want to upgrade to.

What if I don't like your service? Would you refund?

Sure. We have a money back guarantee. Read details here

I want to migrate my working site, would you help?

Yes of course. We would love to. We will give you the basic directions to get your files moved. But if it's way too complex, we will do it for you, against a nominal fee.

I already have a domain name, I just want to buy hosting, possible?

Yes it is possible to use your existing domain with our hosting. To get the domain price excluded from the invoice, you have to place the order and contact support to get your invoice adjusted.

Hosting FAQs

Would you take care of the backups?

Unfortunately no! there is no automated backup feature on our servers. Since we are offering shared hosting, customers usually do not like the backups taking the space automatically in silent mode. We've disabled this feature so you can do it yourself manually anytime.

Does unlimited package come with SSD?

Yes! The unlimited package offers pure blazing fast SSD storage now. You can get the same speed as other SSD packages but with no limitation of storage.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are physically located in UK and US data centers.

What is SSD hosting package?

SSD is Solid State Drive. It's a new technology in physical hard drive's read/write mechanism. Unlike traditional hard drive, there are no moving parts in SSD hard drive. It's 95% faster; hence faster data movement & faster website loading time. Since the technology is not adopted widely, it's little expensive that traditional hard drive hosting packages.

How updated is your cPanel?

You'll find it updated to the latest version. Check demo here.

Can I do automated installation of Wordpress?

Yes, in literally few clicks. There is a section in cPanel, where you can do the installation of Wordpress and other CMS.

Add-on & Sub domains, unlimited, really?

Yes! It's true, there is no limit of adding add on or sub-domains on any hosting package we offer.

Do all packages include domain name price?

Yes. All the packages include a free domain for the first year only. From the second year and onwards, the domain will be renewed on regular pricing as mentioned on the domains page.